Our Clinical Analytics Platform

Healthcare's most advanced platform to measure and improve outcomes, quality, and cost

Platform Overview

Our clinical analytics platform enables health systems, hospitals, accountable care organizations and quality improvement collaboratives to engage physicians in optimizing clinical quality and reducing costs.  Our combination of clinical insight and statistical science powers the most strategic and flexible platform your organization can leverage to foster physician alignment and improve performance in acute and specialty care.

The core of our platform is a fully integrated, cloud-based technology that provides efficient data collection and integration, scientifically rigorous performance measurement and analytics, a flexible and engaging user interface, and efficient database administration.

clinical analytics platform


Electronic Data Integration

ArborMetrix integrates with your existing data sources (EMR, clinical registries, billing, claims, etc.) to securely collect data electronically with robust tools for developing, testing, and monitoring data feeds. We support all relevant healthcare standards for clinical and administrative data. When data are received, ArborMetrix applies its rules engine to validate and ensure the highest levels of data quality prior to analysis.



Clinical Abstraction

Our solutions include powerful user-friendly tools that facilitate efficient web-based data entry, including web form design, skip logic, mouse-over variable definitions, and validation of data quality.



Surgical Video Analysis

This revolutionary offering provides experts with video-based tools that unleash decades of experience in surgical quality improvement, consulting, and coaching interventions to help surgeons improve their operative skill, technique, and perioperative process. As described in the New England Journal of Medicine, this process is highly predictive of clinical outcomes and is a helpful tool for hospitals to identify best practices and move towards improved performance.



Patient-Reported Outcomes

These sophisticated patient survey tools support the tracking of long-term longitudinal outcomes. Users can register patients at the time of initial treatment, obtain informed consent, and ascertain information about health status and symptoms. In addition, users can automate patient follow-ups and patient education, and provide access to evidence-based decision aids.



Program Administration

As a hosted, turnkey solution, the ArborMetrix platform is designed for mass deployment, facilitating rapid onboarding of your physicians and hospitals. ArborMetrix professionals assist with adoption management and strategies to help you achieve the maximum benefit from your initiative.



Advanced Models and Analytics

ArborMetrix's on-demand performance feedback uses algorithms implemented in software to deliver the results of statistical performance analysis much more rapidly than is possible using traditional approaches to comparative outcomes reporting. The founders of ArborMetrix developed a unique system and method for predicting outcomes, and as a result, they have filed a patent application covering these novel techniques. This approach is embedded in the ArborMetrix analytics platform and it provides users with real-time access to performance and outcome data that are both risk adjusted and reliability adjusted.

By simplifying and automating the process of adjusting for both risk and reliability, the ArborMetrix system can recalculate outcome measures in real-time as new patient data are available and as users interact dynamically with the reporting system to focus their analysis on particular providers, time periods and medical conditions or procedures.

The ArborMetrix approach also accelerates improvement efforts by focusing performance feedback on clinical metrics at the right level of granularity to be relevant to physicians considering changes in their practice patterns. With much more timely feedback and the ability to dynamically explore the outcomes data, clinicians can much more rapidly discover improvement opportunities and take action to address them.



Reliability Adjustment

When sample sizes are small, as is often the case when evaluating individual surgeons, it is a challenge to determine if outcomes are due to chance or true differences in quality. The ArborMetrix solution meets this challenge with special, real-time reliability adjustment methods used to isolate “signal” and reduce “noise” based on statistical techniques that were pioneered by our founders (Dimick, Staiger, & Birkmeyer, 2010).



Risk Adjustment

ArborMetrix employs sophisticated techniques to derive statistical models that support risk adjustment at different levels of evaluation, including specialty level risk adjustment for effective comparison. Our proprietary technology allows us to process large numbers of models in order to provide adjusted values as well as unadjusted values for peer group comparison.

We have introduced several innovations that automate the risk-adjustment process, building this capability into the software for real-time access to risk-adjusted outcomes data.



Measure Configuration

The platform includes a large library of clinically-validated measures. In addition, the platform supports the rapid customization of measures and definitions enabling clinicians to meet their specialty-specific needs. Our flexible architecture allows for client-specific configuration and enhancement without intervention by software developers. It is designed to give clients full control over configuration, clinical content, and administration of their programs.



Executive Dashboards

Dashboards provide a comprehensive view of the performance of surgical service lines and other specialty practices by integrating and analyzing clinical, financial and operational data from all relevant sources. Designed for acute and specialty care, these dashboards provide vital, relevant information to physician executives, practice managers, quality directors, and business analysts.



Provider Dashboards

End-users can easily view stratified reports by surgical procedure, medical condition, and patient risk factors, and then ultimately drill-through to individual patient records. Users can easily toggle between physician, hospital, and practice-level reporting. At any point, end-users can export all or some of their provided patient data. Robust ad-hoc query tools support rapid learning and enable practices to analyze their own data.

Because its analytics engine leverages multivariate statistical models, the advanced platform provides clients with tools for real-time clinical decision support. These built-in analytics support shared decision-making by providing personalized, empirical information about the risks and benefits of therapy on a patient-specific basis, and by enabling clinicians to make evidence-based treatment recommendations.



Patient Case Analytics

Physicians can easily drill-through their performance data to patient level information. With any given measure, they can quickly identify exactly which patients constitute the numerator and the denominator. Such functionality is essential in allowing physicians to understand their performance and target improvement activities. It is also important in allowing them to verify that the data are “right” without having to make cumbersome queries to an administrator. Advanced search features also allow users to deeply query their data and define patient cohorts using any combination of field value selections



MIPS/QCDR Data Submission

ArborMetrix provides all of the capabilities required for a CMS-recognized Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR), including the submission of measure data to CMS for incentive payments under the new Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS).



External Analysis

All information is retained in accessible formats enabling complete end-user access to their data. Through basic export, end-users can download their data through an intuitive user interface. Advanced export provides the tools necessary to fully utilize data outside of the system.