Better healthcare
through data science

The ArborMetrix Platform enables specialty societies, hospital associations, health systems, and other conveners to engage their entire ecosystem and optimize clinical quality, meet reporting mandates like PQRS and MIPS, and succeed in the transition to value-based reimbursement.

The ArborMetrix approach helps make that process as easy and straightforward as possible for them and their stakeholders. 



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For Societies and Collaboratives

ArborMetrix offers an intuitive, flexible, and comprehensive solution for creating an advanced clinical registry tailored to the specific needs of your specialty. The ArborMetrix registry solution provides:

  • Aggregation and benchmarking of clinical data
  • Real-time reports and analytics
  • Multi-level views from high-level, cross-specialty analysis down to individual case level detail
  • Engagement with patients through on-site surveys and post-procedure PROs
  • Comprehensive solutions for various CMS programs (MIPS, QCDR)

For Hospital Associations

ArborMetrix provides hospital associations with a way to leverage and enhance their unique position in healthcare. Utilizing our platform and services, hospital associations can:

  • Harness existing and available data to provide value and new insights for member institutions
  • Provide real-time, online reporting capabilities to members, moving from a traditional model of static reports to active online engagement
  • Assist hospital members with CMS programs (e.g., CJR and other bundle programs)



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For At-Risk Providers and Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs)

The ArborMetrix platform powers episodic analysis for at-risk providers and ACOs dealing with CMS bundles and other at-risk arrangements. The platform allows these users to:

  • Identify drivers of episode cost – during and after hospitalization
  • Determine facilities and providers with the greatest opportunity to reduce costs
  • Identify areas for quality improvement
  • Identify high-risk patient populations



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The Industry Leading Clinical Analytics Platform

"This is a game changer. As we move to the new world where quality is a driver, no other system has both quality and cost in one place."

− Steve Maxwell, Practice Administrator, General Surgery University of Michigan Health System

Powering the Michigan Surgical Quality Collaborative (MSQC)


"ArborMetrix’s scientifically rigorous analytics, configurability and speed-to-value made it the obvious choice for powering a regional registry that will allow us to analyze precise data and best practices for physicians and hospitals."

Darrell Campbell, Jr., M.D.
Program Director, Michigan Surgical Quality Collaborative

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