Manage performance and drive clinical and financial efficiency 

Reducing costs and improving outcomes under new value-based payment and other at-risk models requires the use of new technologies that provide the insights needed to standardize and improve care. We can help you address these challenges. 

Our analytics and reporting solutions help:

  • Manage and optimize clinical and financial performance to mitigate risk under value-based payment models
  • Measure physician performance in a credible, clinically-meaningful, and timely manner
  • Monitor, evaluate, and manage the complete costs and quality of episodes of care
  • Reduce variation in acute care costs and understand drivers of post-acute costs
  • Enable predictive analytics and drive real-time interventions

Accelerate performance and deliver value

You can use the ArborMetrix platform to measure all dimensions of performance, identify best practices, and uncover opportunities for improvement. To inform the full picture of quality, we bring together clinical, financial, and operational data, and patient-reported outcomes – all in one place. This enables you to tap into better, more current and relevant insights, and reach performance targets.

  • Gain a comprehensive view of performance by integrating and analyzing clinical, financial, and operational data from all relevant sources
  • Build trust and engage providers in quality improvement with clinically-relevant, scientifically-valid reports available on-demand in real-time
  • Identify best practice, report on adherence to best practice, and provide a toolset to show best practice for 
    each patient
  • Deliver timely performance feedback to providers with objective and relevant clinical measures that include benchmarks and peer comparisons assessing efficiency, case mix, and quality
  • Make informed decisions using our robust predictive analytics engine, which enables patient-level decision support at the point of care
  • Benchmark with confidence using clinically-validated outcome measures adjusted for fair comparisons

Managing performance for bundled payment programs

ArborMetrix provides solutions for hospitals, practices, and physicians to succeed with new payment models. We provide bundled payment and episodic analytic solutions for:

  • Bundle payment initiatives for commercial insurers and payers
  • Custom episode bundles

Our comprehensive episode analytics solutions include five key components that help providers monitor, evaluate, and manage the complete costs and episodes of care.

  • Accurate tracking of costs and payments across the continuum
  • Timely quality monitoring, delivered on-demand
  • Reliable forecasting of reconciliation payments and penalties
  • Identification of cost-saving and post-discharge opportunities
  • Standardization and tracking of clinical processes


Target your objectives using our clinically-rich platform

The ArborMetrix Mercury platform delivers clinically relevant and timely analytics and reports that have been shown to effectively target ways to improve healthcare quality and efficiency. It is extremely powerful and flexible. We can configure it for your unique goals and design reports and dashboards specifically to meet the needs of your end-users. We especially deliver:

  • Clinical relevance and depth: We go beyond claims and administrative data, capture and analyze what matters to daily clinical practice, and provide precise insights that move the needle on quality improvement.
  • Advanced, rigorous analytics: Our solutions deploy rigorous analytics, grounded in scientific best practices, allowing providers to quickly and easily measure performance and understand their clinical outcomes and business.
  • Intuitive, real-time reports: ArborMetrix conducts performance measurement and reporting in real-time, and enables you to build provider trust and achieve rapid-cycle improvements.


Powerful technical and analytic capabilities

“As a Medicare pioneer ACO, it is tremendously challenging and time-consuming to identify and cost each of the components of an episode of care. After evaluating several episode grouper products, we were most encouraged with the technical and analytic capabilities within the ArborMetrix solution.”

Chief Medical Officer, Atrius Health

Customer use case

HQI: Leading the way

California's Hospital Quality Institute is leading the way with its new Hospital Quality Intelligence Initiative (HQI2), a one-stop source to drive statewide quality improvement.

Program highlights:

  • Leverages data into new insights
  • Finds improvement opportunities
  • Greatly improves timeliness of data 
  • Provides risk-adjusted measures
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Anesthesia Quality Institute MSQC Hospital Quality Institute ASCP MBSC

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