We are built on Values

Creating a top-class analytics platform requires a strong understanding of the medical field, the ability to analyze and synthesize massive amounts of data, and a deep intellect of how to structure a user-friendly application that provides great value. The ArborMetrix culture which supports these attributes is built upon a foundation of strong values:

1) We transform healthcare data into insights that save lives.
Every day we make a difference by improving patient  outcomes and enabling providers to deliver excellent care.

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2) We focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences.
Doing the right thing for our customers is everyone’s responsibility through surpassing expectations and supporting their success.

3) We know the team is the foundation of our success.
It takes the very best people working in the very best environment to create the very best results.

4) We find strength in trust, collaboration, and our diversity.
The collective brain power of our team drives the machine, with each person bringing a unique contribution to our shared goals.

5) We drive progress with passion, curiosity, and creativity.
Applying our energy to get better in everything we do and how we do it fosters innovation and long term growth.

6) We work smart and have fun.
The key to great work is to love what you do, enjoy and appreciate your colleagues, and be savvy in the way you get it done.