Advancing Healthcare Through Data Science

ArborMetrix provides healthcare analytics technology and services to improve outcomes, advance research, and demonstrate safety, effectiveness, and value.

ArborMetrix advances healthcare through data science. We deliver software and services that enable data-driven healthcare improvement. Our proven analytic solutions allow for efficient aggregation and deep analysis of healthcare data, and deliver evidence-based insights that improve outcomes, advance research, and demonstrate safety, effectiveness, and value.

We help achieve measurable results that have a real impact on real people.

  • Transforming data into knowledge through advanced analytics and data science.
  • Easily collecting, aggregating, and harmonizing data from various sources.
  • Making data and reports accessible, engaging, and easily understood through industry-leading and user-friendly visualization tools.

We have a proven methodology for crafting the right healthcare analytics solution for your needs. Our InsightX data science platform provides you the power, flexibility, and efficiency you need to achieve your vision.

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Roots in Clinical Quality Improvement and Research

ArborMetrix was founded on the guiding principle that healthcare performance measurement must be fair, efficient, accessible, and engaging in order to achieve improved outcomes, lower costs, and higher value.

Our founders – John Birkmeyer, M.D., Justin Dimick, M.D., M.P.H., and Douglas Staiger, Ph.D. – are physicians, researchers, and clinical improvement experts with decades of experience using evidence-based approaches to measure and advance care. Every day, we leverage this background and our team’s collective experience and expertise to deliver targeted, clinically-deep insights that help our customers achieve measurable results.


You can count on us to ensure:

  • Physicians, researchers, and other care providers and stakeholders trust the data and reports, and rely on real-world evidence to make informed decisions.
  • Information and evidence are highly relevant and as timely as possible through the combination of our clinical, analytical, and technical expertise and methods.
  • Patients, payers and other players engage with and value the information gained, and bring voice to inform the full picture of quality, cost, and value.

Measurable Results through Clinical Analytics

Whether you aim to measure and improve outcomes, advance care and treatments, identify best practice, control costs, or optimize the healthcare enterprise, you will come away with credible, trusted insights that lead to results that have a real impact on real people.

  • Significant reduction in mortality in children achieved by the Pediatric Cardiac Critical Care Consortium, a medical specialty collaborative representing two-thirds of children’s hospitals nationwide.
  • 84% increase in best practice compliance, leading to a 67% reduction in post-surgical death rates, achieved by the Michigan Bariatric Surgical Collaborative.
  • Use of registry data for FDA public-private partnerships for life-saving medical devices, achieved by the Extracorporeal Life Support Organization.
  • Use of evidence and data from registries powered by ArborMetrix to publish one research paper in a peer-reviewed medical or scientific journal every four days.

Significant Reduction in Cardiac Surgical Mortality

"There isn’t any question that our partnership with ArborMetrix has been the major driver in getting the collaborative to where we are today. In 2012, we started off with the vision of being a collaborative that could improve the lives of patients and their families touched by congenital heart disease. Through the use of the ArborMetrix platform, we have achieved a significant reduction in cardiac surgical mortality in children since our collaborative was initiated."
Michael Gaies

Executive Director, Pediatric Cardiac Critical Care Consortium; Co-Director, Cardiac Networks United

ArborMetrix Is Built on Values that Drive Our Passion and Hard Work

We transform healthcare data into insights that save lives.

Every day, we make a difference by transforming real-world data into real-world evidence that  improves outcomes, advances research, demonstrates safety, and measures value.

We deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Each team member is relentlessly focused on helping our customers succeed and surpassing expectations to deliver and support best-in-class solutions.

We know the team is the foundation of our success.

It takes the very best people working in the very best environment to create the very best results.

We find strength in trust, collaboration, and our diversity.

The collective brain power and expertise of our team drives the machine, with each person bringing a unique contribution to our shared goals.

We drive progress with passion, curiosity, and creativity.

Applying our energy to get better in everything we do and how we do it fosters innovation and growth.

We work smart and have fun.

The key to great work is to love what you do, enjoy and appreciate your colleagues, and be savvy in the way you get it done.

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