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Shannon Eubank, Vice President, Strategic Partnerships

Shannon Eubank, Vice President, Strategic Partnerships
With more than 15 years of experience, Shannon has a strong, customer-focused attitude and an unmatched ability to bring ArborMetrix customers’ vision and goals to life through solutions designed to fully leverage the product suite and analytics. She oversees the innovation lab and strategic direction for ArborMetrix technologies.

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What You Can Learn from Registries with Solid Patient-Reported Outcomes Programs

Can you hear it? The patient voice is getting louder.

Healthcare organizations are increasingly using patient reported outcome surveys to gather information about health status, symptoms, and patient-centered outcomes that take place in between visits and outside of a physician’s scope of access.

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3 Essential Steps for Successful Patient Surveys

Healthcare analytics technology and clinical data registry software have made it easier to collect, organize, and analyze actionable, patient-sourced data.

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How to Engage Patients and Collect Valuable Patient-Reported Data

Nearly half of the specialty societies that responded to a 2019 registry survey by the Council of Medical Specialty Societies reported they engage patients in their registry initiatives.1

This could all be changing – only continuing to grow – especially with the recent and significant transition of routine appointments to telemedicine visits. Keeping patients engaged in their health and invested in their outcomes has never been more important.

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Patient-Reported Outcomes and Clinical Registries: The Basics

More and more clinical data registries are including the patient perspective with patient-reported outcomes (PROs). In a recent member survey of the Council for Medical Specialty Societies (CMSS):1

  • 36% of the registries reported having engaged patients or patient groups.
  • 24% of the registries reported having incorporated patient-reported outcomes into clinical registry data.
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4 Technology Essentials for Patient Registries that Improve Care [2020]

Improving care seems like a monumental undertaking. It sounds expensive. It sounds overwhelming. But the good news is, if you have a patient registry, improving healthcare delivery and advancing research has never been more achievable.

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