Succeed in BPCI Advanced

BPCI-Advanced requires clarity, control, and confidence. Whether you are already participating in the program or are preparing to apply, with or without a convener, ArborMetrix can help you achieve several central objectives.

Gain more savings in the program

Identify bundles where you will succeed regardless of whether you improve, and then monitor your performance in real-time on bundles you do select to improve incrementally and achieve even greater BPCI-A results.

Right-size your BPCI-A investment

Instead of giving away a significant portion of your BPCI-A savings for clinical expertise you already have in-house, invest strategically in data and analytics that give you confidence in your decisions – without gainsharing.

Achieve improved outcomes

Apply advanced analytics to identify trends and detailed insights to inform appropriate clinical decision-making and improve patient outcomes while addressing the most actionable drivers of episode spending.

ArborMetrix empowers decision-makers with reliable, data-driven insights that deliver greater BPCI-A savings

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