Succeed in BPCI Advanced

You decided to take on the risk of participating in the CMS BPCI Advanced program. You’ve gotten your data from CMS. You’ve selected your bundles. You’ve submitted your application. Now what?

Attaining a successful outcome of participation in BPCI-A involves more than waiting.

  • How will you monitor your episode progressions – clinically, operationally, and financially?
  • How will you determine whether you continue “as is” or “opt out” of Model Year 1 by retroactively removing downstream episode initiators and/or clinical episodes from your initial Participant Profile by March 1, 2019?

ArborMetrix can help you monitor your episodes, forecast your results, and assist with this important decision deadline with our advanced analytics and data science. With ArborMetrix, you will make better decisions with BPCI-A and confidently determine your success.

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Why partner with ArborMetrix for BPCI-A?

ArborMetrix’s advanced analytics and reports provide actionable information you need to understand your performance, drive real-time interventions, and adjust your performance to maximize results in BPCI-A.  


ArborMetrix Bundled Payment Solutions

Our bundled payment and episode analytics solutions give at-risk healthcare providers and Accountable Care Organizations actionable insights that empower them to take on risk and succeed with value-based payment models such as BPIC-A. We provide bundled payment and episodic analytic solutions for:

  • Bundled payment programs such as BPCI-A, as well as programs through private payers
  • Custom episode bundles

Our comprehensive episode analytics solutions include five key components that help providers monitor, evaluate, and manage the complete costs and episodes of care.

  • Accurate tracking of costs and payments across the continuum
  • Timely quality monitoring, delivered on-demand
  • Reliable forecasting of reconciliation payments and penalties
  • Identification of cost-saving and post-discharge opportunities
  • Standardization and tracking of clinical processes

Plan Your BPCI-A Success