Medical Device Manufacturers

Evaluate and Elevate Real-World Performance

You have a device on the market. Now it’s time to understand how that device performs in the real-world. With our analytics and registry solutions, you will gain actionable insights from trusted real-world evidence to support post-market surveillance, drive research, enhance clinical trials, and guide regulatory and payment strategy.

Medical Device Manufacturers

Accelerate Your Path to Value

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Demonstrate device effectiveness in large, diverse patient groups.
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Identify risks, complications, and adverse outcomes as they arise.
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Compare new products with existing options and the standard of care.
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Update guidelines as certain populations find more or new benefits.
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Comply with regulatory requirements.
Transform Data into Evidence

Transform Data into Evidence

Leverage clinically-rich, regulatory grade evidence to understand how your product performs in real-world settings and what’s driving outcomes.

  • Collect, aggregate, and validate large amounts of data from multiple sources with ease.
  • Transform data into trusted evidence with proven methods and models.
  • Explore device performance via intuitive real-time reports and tools.
Make RWE Work for You

Make RWE Work for You

We meet your needs with analytics technology that delivers the evidence you need when and how you need it, and helps you accelerate your path to value.

  • Explore existing data and evidence.
  • Understand utilization, complications, and outcomes.
  • Identify areas for further research and improvement.
Demonstrate Safety and Drive Value

Demonstrate Safety and Drive Value

We deliver exponential insights you can rely on to address your top priorities, deliver value, improve outcomes, and achieve results.

  • Advance research and post-market surveillance across the product lifecycle.
  • Support regulatory and payment strategy.
  • Supplement clinical trial data.

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Why it matters

Innovative Device Companies Rely on ArborMetrix

Medical device companies that develop products used for extracorporeal membrane oxygenation, commonly referred to as ECMO, are leveraging clinical data from a centralized registry managed by the Extracorporeal Life Support Organization (ELSO). ELSO’s Quality Registry is the largest source of real-world data on ECMO in the world. It tracks the use of medical devices for ECMO, and it contains details on devices and patient demographics, clinical information, patient outcomes, and adverse events. Device manufacturers leverage data from the ELSO Quality Registry through a device registry called ELSO Evidence Explorer. They have access to de-identified real-time data from more than 700 centers worldwide. Companies use this information to understand how clinicians are actually using their devices, what the average patient looks like, and how their device performs in the real world.

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Ready to make real-world evidence work for you?

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