Pharmaceutical Organizations

Understand and Advance Real-World Safety and Value

Your product is on the market. Now it’s time to understand its effectiveness and safety in the real world. You need trusted real-world evidence to support post-market surveillance, drive research, enhance clinical trials, and guide regulatory and payment strategy. Our analytics and registry solutions deliver the precise insights you need to succeed.

Propel Your Path to Value

Demonstrate effectiveness in large, diverse patient groups.
Identify risks, complications, and adverse outcomes as they arise.
Compare new products with existing options and the standard of care.
Update guidelines as certain populations or groups find more or new benefits.
Comply with regulatory requirements.

Generate Real-World Evidence

Transform data into clinically-rich, research-grade evidence that shows how your treatment or therapy performs in real-world settings and what’s driving outcomes.

  • Acquire, aggregate, and validate large amounts of data from multiple sources with ease.
  • Turn data into trusted evidence with proven methods and models.
  • Examine treatment trends and outcomes via intuitive real-time reports and tools.

Gain Flexibility and Control of Your RWE

Our analytics technology delivers the evidence you need when and how you need it, and helps you accelerate your path to value.

  • Explore existing data and evidence.
  • Understand utilization, complications, and outcomes. 
  • Identify areas for further research and improvement.

Demonstrate Safety and Drive Value

We deliver exponential insights you can rely on to address your top priorities, deliver value, improve outcomes, and achieve results.

  • Advance research and post-market surveillance across the product lifecycle.
  • Support regulatory and payment strategy.
  • Supplement clinical trial data.
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Registries Set the Foundation for Post-Market Surveillance

Collect, Analyze, and Interpret Large Amounts of Real-World Data

Patient registries are useful across many parts of healthcare. One of their most valuable purposes is post-market surveillance. Registries collect, analyze, and interpret large amounts of real-world data. This sets the foundation for successful post-market surveillance. When these three are done well, the result is a vast data resource that provides real-time, ongoing data collection, and is a central source of truth to answer key questions. Registries are used to support everything from registry-based studies and clinical trials, to comprehensive post-market surveillance programs.

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Clinical Data Registry use cases

One Central Source of Truth.
Endless Purpose.

Clinical Data Registry Resources

Insights to Support Your Improvement Journey

Ready to make real-world evidence work for you?

Get in touch with our team of data science and registry experts today. We'll work with you to understand:

  • Your organization's goals and priorities
  • The best path forward for your RWE program
  • How we can help you achieve results that matter