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Delivering high-value healthcare and succeeding with value-based reimbursement requires more than dashboards and loads of data. You need to get to the meaningful performance insights that engage your clinician and patient communities, drive results, and deliver the value you need — when you need it.

Physician & Provider Organizations

Deliver High Value Healthcare

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Optimize clinical and financial performance, and improve patient outcomes.
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Achieve success in value-based care models, such as bundled payment and other at-risk reimbursement programs.
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Improve decision making by empowering clinicians with the right information at the right time.
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Drive real-time interventions through predictive analytics.
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Empower your team with vital information that drives results.
Evaluate and Elevate Performance

Evaluate and Elevate Performance

By using analytics technology to transform disparate data into clinically-relevant insights, you can understand what’s driving your outcomes and business. Our platform:

  • Collects, aggregates, and validates healthcare data from multiple sources with ease.
  • Transforms data into insights via proven methods and models.
  • Delivers exponential insights through intuitive reports and tools.
Engage Clinicians in Outcomes Improvement

Engage Clinicians in Outcomes Improvement

You can drive performance improvement across your entire ecosystem, and deliver real-time, credible feedback performance to physicians. Our proven analytics technology:

  • Builds trust with clinically-relevant, scientifically-valid reports available on-demand.
  • Identifies best practice, reports on adherence to best practice, and provides a toolset to show best practice for each patient.
  • Delivers feedback to clinicians with relevant clinical measures that include benchmarks and peer comparisons assessing efficiency, case mix, and quality.
Achieve Meaningful Results

Achieve Meaningful Results

Deliver high value care, optimize your participation in value-based payment models, and address your top priorities as they emerge. Our solutions help you:

  • Manage resources, reduce costs, and improve outcomes across episodes of care.
  • Drive real-time interventions and optimize clinical workflow with predictive analytics.
  • Optimize participation and results in at-risk payment programs.
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Leading Organizations Trust ArborMetrix

“ArborMetrix’s ability to integrate multiple data sources and visualize results has changed the game for us – really boosting our confidence to both accurately evaluate risk and drive increased effectiveness in our clinical operations.”
Jess Parks
President, Sound Physicians

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