Ishan Patel, Ph.D.

Director, Data Science

Ishan leads our team of data scientists who have deep expertise with proven and advanced analytic and models and statistical methods.

He is a multi-scale thinker with detailed technical knowledge and extensive experience in machine learning and data science. He brings experience across industries to healthcare to drive the adoption of computational best practices and enhanced machine learning algorithms that bring a fresh perspective to the unique data challenges faced by the health care industry.

Ishan’s experience includes work at MillimanMAX in Cambridge, where he was a Senior Data Scientist. There, he led a team that developed a scalable data science platform, developed novel neural network topologies and models, and created Worker’s Compensation predictive modeling products. In his previous role as a Senior Data Scientist at SessionM, he discovered and developed a new machine learning product to better predict customer lifetime value and the creation of multiple web interfaces for interacting with large marketing data sets.

Ishan received his Ph.D. in Computational Biophysics from MIT, and his B.A. in Chemistry and Physics from Boston University.

Ishan Patel, Ph.D.

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