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ArborMetrix Analytics Used to Evaluate and Improve Genetic Testing

ArborMetrix - March 18, 2015 at 8:24 AM - 3 minute read

Genetic Testing Resource and Quality Consortium to use RegistryMetrix to identify most appropriate molecular diagnostic tests for patients 

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – March 18, 2015 ArborMetrix, Inc., a leading provider of a private cloud-based healthcare analytics platform, today announced that the Genetic Testing Resource and Quality Consortium (GTRQC) in Michigan has begun using ArborMetrix’s RegistryMetrix™ to evaluate and improve genetic testing for breast, ovarian and prostate cancer.

GTRQC, a quality collaborative funded by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and coordinated through the University of Michigan Medical School, Department of Pathology, recently announced in a press release that it will be the first program in the nation to use registry-based analytics in this way to determine the most appropriate genetic testing for patients. This is the first of the 21 initiatives in the Michigan Blues’ Collaborative Quality Initiative program to include a wide variety of provider types, including pathologists, genetic counselors, primary care and specialist physicians.

Initially, GTRQC will benchmark molecular diagnostic testing known as BRCA (BReast CAncer genes 1 & 2 and other variants) which is indicative of a high likelihood of developing breast cancer. GTRQC will also be able to develop best practices for performing the tests, as well as educate providers as to which patients would benefit the most from available genetic tests. After this initial phase, GTRQC plans to consider additional tests for the platform in the near future.

“The molecular diagnostics industry continues to grow at an amazing rate, with more than 24,000 tests now available for over 5,000 conditions,” said Scott Owens, M.D., co-clinical director of GTRQC and Director of the Division of Quality and Health Improvement in the Department of Pathology at the University of Michigan Health System. Owens is also an associate professor of pathology at the U-M Medical School. “The industry’s rapid growth creates confusion among clinicians, laboratories and payers alike about the most appropriate molecular diagnostic testing. ArborMetrix will allow our members to examine variations in genetic testing and develop guidelines to determine the use of the most appropriate tests to improve patient outcomes and reduce the cost of testing.”

RegistryMetrix is an advanced clinical registry tailored for the needs of quality improvement collaboratives or specialty provider groups. It helps organizations define clinical measures for the most important conditions and rapidly deploys comparative performance reports through a private cloud-based platform. 

“GTRQC is excited to be the first collaborative in the country to use ArborMetrix analytics to ensure physicians are using the most effective genetic tests to improve patient outcomes,” said Owens. “The guidelines developed based on insights from RegistryMetrix’s analytics will allow physicians and their patients to make evidence-based care decisions about whether or not to get tested, and which genetic tests would be the most accurate and effective.”

GTRQC is using a customized version of RegistryMetrix for primary care physicians, obstetricians, gynecologists, oncologists, medical geneticists and other specialties to target in the consortium in the state of Michigan. RegistryMetrix provides a data collection and management database accessible to organizations participating in GTRQC. With a variety of innovative formats to report and analyze data, the system will enable collaborative learning to help drive continuous improvement for all GTRQC member institutions. Eventually, GTRQC plans to expand the use of RegistryMetrix to benchmark and identify the best genetic diagnostic tests for treatment of other cancers and additional medical conditions.

“This ground-breaking program will be one of the first in the country to offer performance-based benchmarking of genetic testing,” said Brett Furst, CEO of ArborMetrix. “We look forward to growing the initiative with GTRQC to deliver the most advanced clinical intelligence and insights on best practices to improve the selection and use of genetic tests.”

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About the Genetic Testing Resource and Quality Consortium (GTRQC)

GTRQC is a quality collaborative funded by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and coordinated through the University of Michigan Medical School, Department of Pathology. The purpose of the GTRQC is to address the exponential growth in genetic testing and to improve the quality of care for patients needing molecular diagnostic testing. For more information, visit

About ArborMetrix

ArborMetrix, Inc., located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, provides a unique, private cloud-based platform for performance measurement and clinical intelligence in acute and specialty care. Based on its industry changing econometric research, ArborMetrix solutions deliver rigorous data analysis while incorporating advanced risk and reliability adjustments. With actionable insights grounded in clinical evidence, ArborMetrix clients quickly achieve quality improvements and cost savings. For more information, visit, email or call 734-661-7949.


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