The NIPM-QCDR, a new offering from ASIPP®, is specifically tailored for interventional pain physicians. Your practice can use the NIPM-QCDR to fulfill the 2018 requirements of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS).  

The CMS-approved NIPM-QCDR will capture and analyze data that are clinically relevant and appropriate for interventional pain physicians. Participating in the NIPM-QCDR will make quality reporting more meaningful to your everyday practice so you can focus on delivering care instead of reporting on it.

  • Meet CMS MIPS mandates for Quality and Improvement Activities, and receive credit toward Advancing Care Information
  • Report on specialty-specific measures developed by ASIPP. These measures are more relevant, clinically appropriate, and meaningful to interventional pain physicians than general measures defined through MIPS
  • Understand and adjust your 2018 performance to optimize future CMS reimbursement with real-time reports available on-demand
  • Be better prepared for CMS quality reporting in future years when penalties and incentives get even larger
  • Improve the quality of patient care in the specialty of interventional pain management

To learn more or to sign up for the NIPM-QCDR for 2018 reporting, please complete the form on the right. 

NIPM-QCDR Measures
NIPM-QCDR includes 11 non-MIPS measures, as well as 43 MIPS measures. You can download the full detail on the NIPM-QCDR non-MIPS measures here.

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