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RegistryX delivers clinically-rich, relevant evidence that quickly gets to the level of precision you need to measure and improve clinical outcomes, advance research, and demonstrate safety, effectiveness and value.

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Real-World Evidence. Real-World Results.

  • Rely on credible, interactive clinical outcome reports to share best practices.
  • Leverage high-quality analytics to support clinical research that advances scientific knowledge.
  • Use predictive analytics and decision support calculators to understand expected outcomes.
  • Analyze and harmonize various healthcare data in a systematic and statistically valid way.
  • Achieve your goals and support your mission.

The Complete Solution for Clinical and Patient Registries

Complete clinical data registry solution

Acquire: Get the Data

RegistryX easily, efficiently, and securely collects, aggregates, and blends data from various sources. It simplifies the complexities of healthcare data by leveraging the latest interoperability standards and cloud infrastructure to quickly get data flowing.

Assemble: Transform the Data

RegistryX transforms real-world data into real-world evidence by applying advanced analytics in real-time. Clinically-proven validation, transformation, and risk adjustment ensures that your data assets are research-grade and can be trusted.

Act: Leverage the Evidence

RegistryX makes data and reports accessible, engaging, and easily understood with industry-leading and user-friendly visualizations from Tableau. It gives you a personalized interactive experience that delivers the evidence you need.

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Clinical Data Registry Features

Meaningful Data. Measurable Outcomes. Multiple Modules.

Patient dashboard and patient reported outcomes

Interactive Patient Engagement

Informing a more complete view of quality with patient data helps you achieve even greater results. You can collect the right data from the right patient at the right time with our modern and intuitive patient-reported outcomes surveys, accessible through any web-connected device. You can also simplify conversations between patients and family members and their care teams with personalized, patient-centric dashboards that highlight a timeline of personal and clinical events, health statistics, and trends.


Data-driven Clinical Decision Support

Bringing together clinical data and patient-reported outcomes creates a powerful asset. With RegistryX Outcomes Calculators, you can use predictive analytics to intelligently combine data to predict outcomes, risks, and results of procedures, therapies, and treatments. The result? Physicians who make data-driven decisions, and patients who are engaged in their outcomes.


Outcomes calculator
CMS MIPS quality improvement report

Simple and Smart MIPS Reporting

Supporting CMS quality reporting not only drives quality improvement but also extends business value to your registry. Physicians and other providers can use the RegistryX MIPS Module to report for the CMS MIPS program across all reporting categories, via a Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR) or Qualified Registry (QR). By selecting and reporting on meaningful, clinically-relevant measures, monitoring performance rates, and reviewing estimated MIPS scores, they will understand their expected reimbursements.


Fully Managed Services

Everything You Need for Today and Tomorrow

Highly Secure and Fully Hosted

All of our solutions are highly secure and fully hosted, and are HIPAA-, HITECH- and PCI-compliant to adhere to national industry compliance standards and protect sensitive data. Our processes are designed for operational security and to protect your data and privacy.

Tailored to Your Needs

RegistryX is highly adaptable to meet your objectives and needs. From data models to measures to custom visualizations, our dedicated team of experts will work with you to design, launch, and adapt the registry to meet your vision.

Scalable for the Future

You will have the flexibility you need to grow evolve your registry as your goals and needs change and as trends and issues emerge. RegistryX is nimble and built on a highly scalable platform that can expand as your organization, your data, and your ecosystem grow.

Backed by Our Dedicated Team

RegistryX is easy to use and backed by a dedicated support team who not only provide web-based tech support but also support your business needs through proven project management processes and a long-term strategic partnership approach.

Clinical Data Registry Use Cases

One Central Source of Truth. Endless Purpose.

Quality Improvement

Advance care and treatments, reduce adverse events, and improve guideline adherence with credible, evidence-based insights that drive measurable quality improvement.


Clinical Research

Leverage high quality, research-grade data and analytics to accelerate scientific and clinical research, and encourage deeper investigation into clinical trends and outcomes.


Decision Support

Deliver powerful point-of-care tools that have an immediate impact on patient care by using predictive analytics and decision support calculators to predict outcomes, risks, and results.

Post-Market Surveillance

Use your registry and your high quality, research-grade data to support registry-enhanced or registry-based clinical trials or post-market surveillance studies.


Merit-Based Incentive Payment System

Report meaningful, specialty-specific quality measures and monitor performance rates via a QCDR or QR instead of simply checking the box on regulatory reporting.


Value-Based Reimbursement

Optimize participation in risk-based arrangements and alternative payment models by monitoring and managing the complete costs and quality of episodes of care.


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Innovative and Nimble Solutions

“Creating an infrastructure that is both innovative and nimble in supporting our needs is critical to the success of the registry and our specialty. ArborMetrix has the solutions and expertise to help us meet our goals.”

Chair, AAPM&R Registry Steering Committee

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