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New Report Describes Why and How to Engage Physicians in High-Value Care

ArborMetrix - Dec 4, 2018 7:40:00 AM

ANN ARBOR, MICH./DEC. 4, 2018 – ArborMetrix, a leading healthcare technology and analytics solutions provider, has released a new report, Engaged physicians: How to align performance management for high-value healthcare. The report makes a case for credible and actionable data analytics as a foundation for engaging physicians to achieve success under any value-based payment model.

“It’s clear that providers can’t just chase each new payment model with a different strategy,” said Kurt Skifstad, PhD, Chief Executive Officer, ArborMetrix. “If they focus instead on delivering high-value care, as measured by meaningful clinical and financial performance targets, they can be successful under any payment model. But that means their physicians must be engaged.”

The report includes findings from a recent survey by Sage Growth Partners showing that nearly 90% of independent physician organizations plan to increase participation in risk-based payment models, with 30% planning to do so within the next year. Some 90% of these groups measure physician performance – in many cases spending more than 500 hours per year – but fewer than half have implemented strategies to compare performance against clinical best practices. The survey also found that the biggest challenges for managing physician performance are pulling data from various sources and then engaging physicians in the change management process.

“Physicians won’t be engaged unless they trust the data,” Skifstad said. “They respond well to peer comparison, but they will reject data and dashboards that aren’t completely credible. While tying physician performance to financial incentives is important, providing physicians with credible data that helps them improve patient outcomes is the ultimate motivator.”

Download the full white paper here.

About ArborMetrix
At ArborMetrix, advancing healthcare through data science is our mission, and delivering high impact, intuitive technology and analytics is our passion. Our leading healthcare analytics solutions are proven to deliver targeted, clinically-deep insights that improve clinical outcomes, optimize financial performance, increase stakeholder value, and measure the real-world effectiveness of treatments and procedures, as well as medical device technologies and pharmaceuticals. The ArborMetrix Performance Management Solution arms provider groups and health systems with the tools they need to deliver high value healthcare, simplify their participation in value-based care, and chart their own course with alternative payment models.

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