3 Questions to Ask When Selecting Risk in
BPCI Advanced

Limitations in setting accurate target prices create opportunities for current and prospective BPCI Advanced participants. They can manage risk, maximize reimbursements, and optimize overall results in the program through appropriate bundle selections for future years.

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Smart Analytics for BPCI Advanced

ArborMetrix advances healthcare through data science by transforming data into insights for decision-making. Our healthcare analytics solutions deliver clinically-rich and relevant evidence at the level of precision needed to measure and improve clinical outcomes, advance care, and optimize performance.

Whether you are already participating in BPCI-A or are preparing to apply, with or without a convener, ArborMetrix can help you gain more savings in the program and right-size your investment in BPCI-A services. Our unique BPCI-A episode analytics and performance monitoring helps you identify bundles where you will succeed regardless of whether you improve, and then assess your performance in real-time on bundles you do select to improve incrementally and achieve even greater results.

By investing strategically in data and analytics that eliminate uncertainty and bridge the gap between your clinical expertise and bundled payment analytics, you will come away with confidence in your BPCI-A performance.

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A Data-Driven Approach to BPCI Advanced: Methods for Selecting Appropriate Risk

Managing performance across episodes of care

"ArborMetrix provides us with reliable, data-driven insights to clinical and financial performance of our programs, including our performance in value-based programs such as BPCI-A. Their ability to integrate multiple data sources and visualize results has changed the game for us – really boosting our confidence to both accurately evaluate risk and drive increased effectiveness in our clinical operations."

President, Sound Physicians

How good is your target price?

Request an analysis of your BPCI-A bundles to find out if you're facing a headwind or a tailwind with each bundle you select.

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