Bundled Payment Triple Threat: Data-Driven Strategies for Risk Selection, Performance Monitoring and Clinical Management

Optimizing risk and succeeding in bundled payment programs like BPCI-Advanced requires clarity, control, and confidence. In this webinar, learn three keys to achieving desired program results including appropriate risk selection, performance monitoring, and clinical management. Presenters Chris Birkmeyer of ArborMetrix and John Dickey of Sound Physicians will share real-world examples of how to leverage analytics alongside clinical strategies to develop practical pathways for program success.

You will learn:

  1. How appropriately selecting bundles based on reliable, evidence-based analysis of target price data and performance increases likelihood of success
  2. The role smart analytics play in identifying detailed insights you can use to address actionable drivers of episode spending
  3. Pathways for making appropriate clinical decisions to drive optimal next site of care, and reduce post-acute length-of-stay and readmissions

Chris Birkmeyer, Executive Vice President, Analytics

John Dickey, Chief Medical Officer, Population Health
Sound Physicians

Bundled Payment Program BPCI-A Analytics Webinar

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