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MohsAIQ is a national registry that promotes and advances the highest standards of patient care for Mohs surgery and dermatologic oncology.

“We were really looking for a partner to help create a user-friendly and sophisticated data registry to utilize the latest in technical advancements, and to make the delivery and entry of data as easy as possible for our members. We were also looking for a partner with a track record of success in not just establishing data registries for specialty societies but also one committed to the ultimate success of the registry with a great product and exceptional customer service. ArborMetrix is that partner.”

Howard Rogers, M.D.

Chair, ACMS National Registry and Outcomes Committee

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Demonstrating the Value of Patient-Centered, Effective Surgical Care

The American College of Mohs Surgery (ACMS) aims to promote and advance the highest standards of patient care with respect to Mohs surgery and dermatologic oncology through fellowship training, research, education and public advocacy. The ACMS serves as the voice of nearly 1,500 fellowship-trained skin cancer and reconstructive surgeons specializing in the Mohs micrographic surgical technique used to treat skin cancer.

MohsAIQ is the national data registry of the American College of Mohs Surgery. MohsAIQ, pronounced “mosaic,” stands for Mohs Advancing and Improving Quality. It supports the ACMS mission to promote and advance the highest standards of patient care with respect to Mohs surgery and dermatologic oncology. Ultimately, the registry helps the ACMS and its members demonstrate the value of Mohs surgery as patient-centered and highly effective. MohsAIQ provides meaningful data about patients and physician performance in order to improve outcomes and maximize results under new payment models.

With MohsAIQ, ACMS and its member surgeons are able to:

  • Assess and improve healthcare quality: Surgeons have the tools they need to assess and improve the quality of Mohs treatment. They track outcomes over time and view real-time results, across patients within their practices or institutions, or benchmarked against de-identified results from national peers.
  • Generate new clinical knowledge: The robust data within MohsAIQ serves as a working foundation to drive research, publications, and innovation for the specialty.
  • Meet CMS reporting requirements: MohsAIQ is approved as a Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR) for reporting under the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS).
  • Advance the Mohs specialty: Participating in MohsAIQ strengthens and advances the specialty by providing a knowledge base to draw upon and review surgical methods.

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