Accelerate Research and Advance Clinical Knowledge

Research drives the future of healthcare. But it’s not always a straight path forward. Research questions are complicated, priorities shift, and real-world data is messy. Modern analytics technology and informatics simplify these complexities. With an efficient, reliable way to glean real-world evidence from disparate data, you can accelerate discovery, advance patient care, and bring novel products and treatments to market.

Clinical Research

Drive Discovery with Data Science

Research is essential to advancing care, treatment, and therapies. Whether you are using a registry to enable rapid-cycle research or to run registry-based studies and trials, you need evidence that’s trusted, accessible, and useful. Here’s our approach to leveraging registries or registry data for research.

Collect the Right Data for Your Research Needs

To answer the right questions, you need the right data. Creating a central source of truth starts with efficiently and securely harmonizing everything from clinical and claims data to patient-reported outcomes into high-quality data asset.

Leverage Proven Analytics to Transform Your Data

Real-world data must be clean before it can provide you clarity. We apply clinically-proven validation, transformation, and advanced analytics to ensure your data assets are research-grade, trusted, and stand up to peer review.

Explore Evidence to Guide Discovery

When you have access to powerful RWE, you can serve your research priorities with ease. Explore insights via reports and data visualizations, and drill into patient- or case-level details to investigate clinical trends and outcomes.

Address Your Top Research Priorities

Our analytics solutions provide you with precise answers that accelerate research. RegistryX transforms large real-world datasets into evidence that helps you advance research and discovery. You’ll be able to:

  • Address research priorities and questions as they emerge.
  • Conduct registry-based studies and clinical trials.
  • Collect, analyze, and interpret large amounts of real-world data.
  • Rapidly design, build, and use forms and surveys for specialized data collection.
  • Explore RWE when and how you need it - create patient cohorts and analyze granular clinical details.
  • Identify and disseminate evidence-based practices that advance care.
  • Identify areas for further research and improvement.
  • Publish peer-reviewed clinical research.

Ready to Accelerate Discovery?

healthcare leaders trust arbormetrix
“The ELSO Registry represents a unique ‘treasure’ and resource in the worldwide scientific and medical environment based on the years and patients collected so far regarding the data available."
Roberto Lorusso, M.D., Ph.D.
Chair, Euro-ELSO, and Professor, Cardiothoracic Surgery, Maastricht University Medical Center, Netherlands
Publish Impactful Peer-Reviewed Research
OUR Customers Achieve Results

Publish Impactful Peer-Reviewed Research

Leading organizations rely on registry data to perform cutting-edge research. From clinical trials to post-market surveillance to patient outcomes analysis, clinical registries are vital data and analytics assets. On average, our customers publish 1 peer-reviewed research paper using registry data every 3 days. Customers have been able to:

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Analyze risk of using extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) in pregnant patients (ELSO).

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Compare quality of life outcomes among patients receiving various types of hernia repair (AHSQC).

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Develop best practices for opioid prescribing post-surgery (MSQC).

How Do Registries Support Clinical Research?

Clinical research evaluates the effectiveness and safety of treatments, protocols, devices, and products. There are many different study designs that support clinical research, but all of them involve data--which can be limited and complex.

Employing a registry to support clinical research allows you to:

  • Capture large volumes of data from various Sources and easily aggregate and transform the data to support research and identify evidence-based best practices.
  • Deploy advanced analytics, grounded in scientific best practices, to produce trusted, research-grade evidence.
  • Interact with the data at a deep clinical level, with the ability to create patient cohorts, analyze granular clinical details, and draw correlations within and across health conditions.

You need real-world healthcare data to get real-world evidence that can support clinical research, whether that be for post-market surveillance, patient cohort analysis, or registry-based clinical trials. Registries can help you catapult your clinical research to the next level.

Learn more about how clinical registries advance clinical research.

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