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Engaging patients in their health — beyond the exam room or treatment facility improves clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction, and ultimately drives high value healthcare. Research shows effective patient engagement improves clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction, and recent studies indicate more than 90% of patients expect to use digital tools to facilitate patient-provider interactions.

ArborMetrix Engagement Solution

The ArborMetrix Engagement Solution centers around the principle that engaging patients in their health improves clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction, and ultimately drives high value healthcare. The Engagement Solution includes Patient-Reported Outcomes (PRO) and the Patient Engagement Portal.

  • Acquire high-quality data from patients and caregivers in a secure and non-threatening way
  • Empower patients to make meaningful shared decisions with their care teams
  • Use technology to extend the relationship of patient and provider in between office visits
  • Create a transparent community data stream for patients to be connected to others like them

Patient-Reported Outcomes Solution

Patient-sourced data extends the patient-provider relationship, and adds value to quality improvement, research, and performance-related initiatives.

With ArborMetrix's patient-reported outcomes (PRO), you can collect the right data from the right patient at the right time and provide follow-up information from each condition and procedure. This longitudinal data asset:

  • Optimizes data collection from patients and primary caregivers through a modern and intuitive interface.
  • Ensures patients and caregivers can easily share health-related information through any web-connected device.
  • Allows providers and care teams to track and analyze patient-centered outcomes over the long term, and connect patient-sourced data to performance.

Patient Engagement Portal

The ArborMetrix Patient Engagement Portal is a modern and leading-edge resource that:

  • Simplifies conversations between a patient and their care team by having a timeline of personal and clinical events, health statistics, and highlighted changes over time.
  • Enables two-way information sharing between the patient and physician on treatment and outcomes-related decisions and progress, as well as specialized patient education content.

Greater Visibility Into Outcomes

“As a pediatric cardiologist, I’m looking for ways to gain greater visibility into my patients’ health and outcomes over the long-term. By using ArborMetrix PRO, I gain a longitudinal view into important outcomes such as survival, re-interventions and hospitalizations, burden of disease, and quality of life. It is easy to use and standardizes data collection across hospitals which allows for benchmarking, quality improvement, and research to advance long-term outcomes."
University of Michigan Congenital Heart Center


How to Engage Patients and Use Patient-Reported Data to Enrich Your Registry

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