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Medical device manufacturers are facing a number of challenges that affect growth and profitability due to healthcare reform, reimbursement uncertainty, and a perceived lack of differentiation in the market. In order to thrive in today’s world of value-based care, you need to demonstrate efficacy and economic value of devices while pursuing ways to optimize reimbursement and revenue.

ArborMetrix delivers healthcare analytics solutions that are purpose-built to track and improve real-world clinical outcomes, manage risk within value-based payment models and support research and development.

Evaluate performance and demonstrate value

Using real-world evidence, ArborMetrix helps manufacturers internally evaluate their devices and demonstrate the value of their devices to purchasers, providers, payers and regulatory agencies.

Evaluate real-world effectiveness and safety

ArborMetrix’s detailed approach to device surveillance is not bound by the limits of standard clinical trials, providing insights on the risk-adjusted drivers of short-term and long-term outcomes for both on-label and off-label device use. Outcomes can be evaluated in the context of discrete episodes of inpatient or outpatient care, or within the natural history of disease progression, setting the stage for a broad range of data-driven regulatory and reimbursement decisions.

We collect, aggregate, and analyze data from electronic medical records, practice management systems, claims and patient-reported outcomes to evaluate the real-world safety and effectiveness of medical devices.

Manage risk under value-based payment models

Succeeding in value-based payment models requires deep analysis of historical costs and clinical outcomes in order to understand the degree to which cost and outcomes are driven by clinical decisions, resource availability, device or drug selection, site of care, and even chance. Using aggregated Part A/B Medicare claims, regulatory and payor quality metrics, patient reported outcomes, and data from downstream care partners, ArborMetrix performs value-based episode analysis focused on progression through clinical and financial milestones.

Our value-based payment analytics solutions help manage performance in at-risk models by delivering:

  • Accurate tracking of costs and payments across sites of care
  • Quality scorecard feedback, delivered to provider on-demand
  • Reliable forecasting of reconciliation payments and penalties
  • Identification of cost-saving opportunities
  • Next site of care decision support
  • Standardization and tracking of clinical processes

Support research and development

Healthcare analytics solutions powered by ArborMetrix produce high quality data and reports suitable for supporting research and development activities. Our customers use our platform to advance medicine and technology through critical evaluation of data, identification of evidence-based best practices, and dissemination and sharing of this information across organizations, as well as across the medical community.

Our platform makes data readily available for research and other external uses. Numerous ArborMetrix clients have used data and insights from their registries to publish studies in leading publications such as the New England Journal of Medicine, Annals of Surgery, Anesthesiology, Journal of Urology, the Journal of the American College of Surgeons and several others.

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Improve real-world outcomes, manage risk in value-based payment models, and support research and development

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