Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Post-Market Surveillance Solutions

Pharmaceutical and medical device companies developing post-market surveillance programs to evaluate the safety, effectiveness, and value of treatments, therapies, and products can leverage technology and analytics to transform real-world data (RWD) into real-world evidence (RWE). ArborMetrix’s post-market surveillance solutions for pharmaceutical and medical device companies offer:

  • Efficient acquisition and aggregation of RWD that simplifies the complexities of healthcare data to quickly and easily ingest data from multiple systems into a central registry - a highly valuable data asset
  • Accurate and transparent transformation of data through analytics into meaningful RWE that demonstrates safety and effectiveness
  • Proactive demonstration of the value of treatments, therapies and products in the context of broader societal and economic costs
  • Successful engagement with patients so they feel comfortable providing data about themselves and their care or treatment journeys using technology that helps them feel their data is safe and valued

Leveraging Technology to Measure Outcomes and Demonstrate Effectiveness

ArborMetrix delivers clinically-rich and relevant real-world evidence at the level of precision needed to measure and improve clinical outcomes, demonstrate safety, effectiveness and value, and advance research. ArborMetrix’s suite of RWE tools:

  • Ingest clinical, operational and financial data through industry standard and custom formats
  • Analyze data using advanced statistical models for fair and accurate comparison
  • Engage stakeholders with clinically-relevant, scientifically-valid reports available on-demand in real-time
  • Enable point-of-care decision support using our RWE analytics engine, which shows predicted outcomes based on clinical decision

Post-Market Surveillance Data Strategy

By defining and implementing a data strategy that harmonizes data from multiple sources, it is possible to address limitations of individual sources and deliver more accurate and insightful information. ArborMetrix solutions blend data from medical records, patients, other registries, and payers and regulatory data sets, and transforms the aggregated data set into meaningful real-world evidence for post-market surveillance.

A data acquisition strategy targeting the following sources ensures registry success with a complete and high-quality data set:

  • Medical record data
  • Patient data
  • Registry data
  • Payer and regulatory data

Post-Market Surveillance Analytics and Interactive Reporting

To ensure timely and accurate interpretation of study data, ArborMetrix delivers statistically-adjusted reports in real time, allowing researchers to quickly and easily measure and understand clinical outcomes, determine patient quality of life, and understand the total financial impact of the intervention. These statistically-adjusted reports are built using key methodologies that are essential to success in maximizing data value.

  • Risk adjustment: Risk adjustment is a process that corrects for biases inherent in observational data, as well as differences in patient populations between data sources (e.g., treatment choices or adverse event rates influenced by patient comorbidities unrelated to the primary diagnosis). Our risk adjustment analytic models ensure that comparisons of pre- and post-treatment cohorts across disparate treatment settings are fair and accurate.
  • Reliability adjustment: Reliability adjustment is important in certain circumstances because small sample sizes of observational data create uncertainty around whether differences in outcomes were due to chance or true difference in quality. It is a statistical technique based on hierarchical modeling pioneered by ArborMetrix’s founders. Reliability adjustment is designed to isolate “signal” and is a measure of imprecision in observational clinical quality outcome measurement.

ArborMetrix offers flexible and robust data visualization that enables stakeholders to review and interact with analyzed data in meaningful ways, from aggregated data analysis to patient-level details.

ArborMetrix Advances Healthcare through Data Science

ArborMetrix advances healthcare through data science by transforming data into insights for decision-making. Our healthcare analytics solutions deliver clinically-rich and relevant evidence at the level of precision needed to measure and improve clinical outcomes, advance care, and optimize performance. Our data science platform allows for efficient aggregation and deep analysis of healthcare data, and deploys advanced analytics that deliver credible, trusted insights that lead to results that have a real impact on real people.

Patient Engagement

Inform the full picture of quality and outcomes

Engaging patients in their health and enriching post-market surveillance programs with patient-reported data improves outcomes and results. Learn more about ArborMetrix's patient engagement solution.

Transform real-world data into real-world evidence to measure clinical outcomes, effectiveness and value

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