Patient Engagement

Engage Patients to Improve Quality

If you’re not looking at patient-sourced data, you’re only seeing one piece of the quality picture. Engaging patients in their care improves outcomes and satisfaction. But collecting patient data can be challenging — especially over the long term. 

When it comes to engaging in their health, people:

  • Expect the same technology experience as their favorite apps.
  • Share information when and where they are most comfortable.
  • Look for how they can benefit from sharing results.
  • Want their experience to be meaningful to them.

New approaches and technologies are making this possible.

Patient Engagement

Measure and Advance Patient Outcomes

Patient-sourced data adds value to quality improvement, research, regulatory reporting, and post-market surveillance programs. Your patient-reported outcomes tools should help you not only collect data but also make it useful for everyone involved.

Build and Distribute Patient Surveys

Patient-reported outcomes (PRO) surveys should collect the right data from the right person at the right time. You need functional and flexible PRO technology to securely and successfully distribute surveys to patients and caregivers anytime, anywhere.

Analyze Patient-Reported Outcomes Data

To achieve clinical quality improvement, you need a data platform that blends PRO and other data and transforms it all through advanced analytics. With this, you can analyze patient outcomes over the long term and connect patient-sourced data to performance.

Share and Use Patient-Reported Data

Get maximum value out of PRO data by making answers and responses available to clinicians and researchers, enabling two-way information sharing between patients and providers, and combining patient data with other clinical data sources.

Patient-Centric Survey Technology

Our clinical registry solution is designed with the patient in mind. You’ll acquire high quality data from patients, and empower patients to make meaningful shared decisions.

Simple and Flexible Data Collection

RegistryX collects the right data from the right person at the right time, and supports access through any web-connected device. You’ll be able to:

  • Design, build, and distribute surveys.
  • Choose from a variety of question and answer types.
  • Minimize barriers to participation.
  • Support standard (ODI, PROMIS) or custom surveys.
  • Gain insights into survey engagement.
  • Give educational content back to patients.
  • View data at the individual patient level.

Longitudinal Patient Engagement

Our patient portal enables two-way information sharing between patients and other healthcare stakeholders, such as providers, patient advocacy organizations, and pharmaceutical companies. It allows you to:

  • Give patients and caregivers access to their own information--like historical trends related to treatments, side effects, pain levels, and quality of life.
  • Capture data ad hoc or through scheduled surveys.
  • Track longitudinal outcomes or a snapshot in time.
  • Provide personalized information and trends to patients.
  • Share educational resources and other content.

Ready to Engage Patients to Improve Quality?

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Michelle Witkop, DNP, FNP-BC
Head of Research, National Hemophilia Foundation
Empower Patients and Inform Research With Digital Tools
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Empower Patients and Inform Research With Digital Tools

The National Hemophilia Foundation (NHF) wanted to create a longitudinal patient registry that could provide value not just to researchers, but also to patients with bleeding disorders and their families. The program, called NHF Community Voices in Research (CVR) collects data from patients, their parents, siblings, partners, and caregivers, and transforms it into meaningful information for research and care improvement. Using the NHF CVR platform, patients:

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View their own information.

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Compare their information to de-identified, aggregate data from others with the same diagnosis.

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Access specialized resources and education.

What Is Patient Engagement and Why Is It Important?

Patient engagement describes a partnership between patients and clinicians in which patients share in making decisions and planning their healthcare.

One way patients can engage with their care is by supplying patient-reported outcomes (PROs), which are health status and outcomes information that comes straight from patients, without any interference or interpretation from clinicians.

PROs can be used to:

  • Track outcomes, health, and well-being longitudinally.
  • Support and improve shared decision making.
  • Identify patients for registry-based research studies and clinical trials.
  • Inform measures, develop guidelines, and calculate predictive analytics.

When it comes to healthcare quality and outcomes, the patient voice informs the full picture, and fills in the gaps between care visits documented by clinicians. Clinicians can then use medical assessments, tests, and their own expertise alongside patient-provided data to deliver higher-quality care.

Learn more from industry experts with successful patient engagement programs.

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