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AMX-Mercury-Platform.jpgThe ArborMetrix platform delivers clinically relevant and timely analytics and reports that have been shown to effectively target ways to improve healthcare quality and efficiency.

  • Highly configurable: Your goals are priority No. 1. We configure the application to meet your unique needs, and we design reports and dashboards specifically for your end-users.
  • Intuitive: We design each solution with providers in mind. You will be able to easily and quickly access, analyze, and act on practical insights from your data.
  • Trusted: Providers are confident in the insights they gain from ArborMetrix because of our clinical relevance and depth, rigorous analytics, and real-time reports.
  • Powerful: You will quickly come away with new insights that enable provider adoption and engagement, rapid-cycle improvement, and ultimately transform care and outcomes.

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The ArborMetrix platform is an extremely powerful and flexible performance improvement solution. We can configure it for your unique goals, and we can design reports and dashboards specifically to meet the needs of your end-users. You will come away with new insights that enable provider adoption and engagement — and ultimately transform care and outcomes.

Data collection and integration

Practices provide data to our application regardless of practice size or sophistication. We gather and aggregate data from various sources in various formats, allowing you to answer the most critical business questions and evaluate outcomes.

  • Experience integrating with and analyzing many data sources, including ADT, EHR, billing, claims, external benchmarks, and others
  • Validation of data quality and integrity
  • Support for web-based entry and modification

Advanced analytics and models

The core of our platform deploys rigorous analytics, grounded in scientific best practices, allowing users to quickly and easily measure performance and understand their clinical outcomes and business. We conduct performance measurement and reporting in real-time to build provider trust and enable rapid-cycle improvements.

  • Real-time risk and reliability adjustment reduces noise and isolates true performance variations
  • Flexible and complete episodic grouping accurately tracks quality and cost across the continuum
  • Clinically-validated, specialty-specific measures drive meaningful results

Interactive reporting

We provide comprehensive access to web-based reports and analytic tools. At any time, providers and administrators can access reports online with the most up-to-date information. The application provides a robust query tool that supports rapid learning, and enables hospitals, practices, and physicians to analyze their data.

  • Executive dashboards consolidate the most critical information to support informed decision-making
  • Benchmark comparisons provide accurate measurement at a national, state, site or provider level
  • Reports are fully customizable to meet your specific needs, including demographic population data, case characteristics specific to your focus areas, outcomes, utilization, and risk factors.
  • Comprehensive MIPS quality reporting (QCDR/QR) optimizes future CMS reimbursements

Powerful modules

We can add on additional features and functionality to enrich the actionable insights you gain from your ArborMetrix solution, and get you further down the path of quality improvement.

  • Patient-reported outcomes (PRO) help inform a more complete picture of quality
  • Surgical video review provides opportunities for peer-to-peer coaching

Service and support

You can expect the highest level of service from our in-house, U.S.-based team of program managers, product analysts, data analysts, software engineers, data scientists, and technical support specialists.

  • Administrators access a suite of tools to support their daily workflow in an intuitive dashboard
  • Dedicated end-user support and 24/7 emergency support is available for when you need it
  • System monitoring and maintenance ensures accessibility and functionality
  • Ongoing system upgrades and enhancements supports your long-term success

Certifications and security

The ArborMetrix platform is hosted in a HIPAA-compliant private cloud to adhere to national compliance standards and protect sensitive data. Our internal processes are designed to ensure operational security, and protect customer data and privacy. The platform provides administrative tools that enable complete control over the user roles, sites, practices, and data.

  • Cloud-based
  • HIPAA-compliant
  • Fully hosted and managed in the United States
  • SSAE (SOC 1) and SOC 2 audited
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“Our hospitals are using the real-time data platform to assess their performance and enact quality initiatives aimed at improving clinical outcomes and resource utilization. ArborMetrix’s solution has proved to be a key component for achieving our goals.”

Executive Director, Pediatric Cardiac Critical Care Consortium

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PC4: Children's hospitals gain insights to improve pediatric cardiac care

ArborMetrix’s solution for PC4 deploys rigorous analytics, grounded in scientific best practices, which results in credible and valid data that builds the physician trust and engagement needed for collaborative quality improvement.

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