Drive Post-Market Surveillance

A product's performance in a clinical trial doesn’t tell the full story. You need to understand how it works in the real world, with real patients. When you have access to real-world data organized in a clinical registry, you can generate real-world evidence that can be used for post-market surveillance to:

  • Detect adverse events.
  • Compare products and treatments to existing options.
  • Comply with regulatory requirements.
  • Update and modify clinical guidelines.
Post-Market Surveillance

Amplify Post-Market Surveillance with a Clinical Registry

Patient registries are useful across much of medicine, and post-market surveillance is one of their most valuable purposes. Here are the steps we take to help you create a trusted data resource.

Collect Data from Multiple Sources

You need an efficient and secure way to collect large amounts of real-world data and prepare it for analysis. With the right technology, you can collect data from medical records, regulatory sources, patient-reported outcomes, and more for post-market surveillance activities.

Transform Data into Real-World Evidence

It takes more than raw data alone to achieve your post-market surveillance goals. Once you collect your data, you need to aggregate, validate, and analyze those various data sources to produce reliable real-world evidence.

Interpret Data to Glean Actionable Insights

With real-world evidence at your fingertips, you can quickly measure clinical outcomes, determine patient quality of life, and understand financial impacts. Our solutions help you make informed decisions and fulfill post-market surveillance requirements.

Explore Exponential Insights

Our analytics solutions provide you with precise answers that empower evidence-based action. We transform data into useful insights and give you real-time access so you can:

  • Interact with data at a deep clinical level.
  • Create patient cohorts, analyze case level details, and draw correlations within and across diagnoses.
  • Access all data elements via an easy-to-use query tool and customized extracts of raw and analyzed data.
  • Understand significant trends or changes in outcomes.
  • Apply custom benchmarking, peer groups and patient cohorts for fair comparisons.
  • Engage clinicians, researchers, patients and other stakeholders with meaningful reports, resources and tools.

Ready to Understand Real-World Performance?

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"The ELSO Evidence Explorer from ArborMetrix provides a novel platform to rapidly and easily explore the real-world data from the largest collection of multi-national ECMO centers in the world."
Christine Stead
CEO, Extracorporeal Life Support Organization
Leverage Registry Technology for Post-Market Surveillance
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Leverage Registry Technology for Post-Market Surveillance

Medical device and pharma companies are using registries to support their post-market surveillance programs in several ways.

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Accessing data from an existing registry - like the Extracorporeal Life Support Organization and its medical device registry, ELSO Evidence Explorer.

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Partnering with an existing registry that is running registry-based clinical trials - like the Michigan Urologic Surgery Improvement Collaborative (MUSIC) and its randomized clinical trials.

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Creating new registries and using existing registry data to support post-market surveillance activities - like Acacia Pharma and its registry-based observational study on post-operative nausea and vomiting.

What Is Post-Market Surveillance?

Post-market surveillance demonstrates the real-world safety and effectiveness of medical devices and pharmaceuticals by collecting, analyzing, and interpreting product or treatment data. It is an active, ongoing process that should provide up-to-date insights that can be used to make adjustments and improvements.

Pharmaceutical and medical device companies rely on the real-world insights they gain through post-market surveillance activities to:

  • Detect adverse events or risks as they arise during real-world usage of a device or drug.
  • Compare new products or treatments with existing options and the standard of care.
  • Update clinical guidelines as certain populations or groups find more benefit than others.
  • Comply with regulatory requirements.

Clinical data registries that collect real-world data, transform it into real-world evidence, and make it accessible are uniquely useful in their ability to facilitate post-market surveillance. They help organizations better understand the real-world safety and effectiveness of their procedures, treatments, and devices so they can make informed decisions moving forward.

Learn more about how post-market surveillance can help your organization.

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