Achieve Quality Improvement

Improving healthcare delivery and outcomes benefits everyone.

  • Patients have better results and improved quality of life.
  • Clinicians make evidence-based decisions.
  • Hospitals and payers achieve efficiencies and savings.
  • Life science organizations develop safer products.

These are all critical goals. To get better, you need to know what happened, how you compare, and what you can do to improve. Data science delivers these answers.

Quality Improvement

Advance Care with Trusted Data

Quality improvement is the core of our customers' work. Whether you aim to reduce adverse events and readmissions, track process adherence, or make new therapies more effective, you need a central source of data clinicians and others trust. Here’s our recommended approach to achieving measurable improvement.

Align Your Data Strategy with Your Goals

To achieve performance improvement, you first need to define your goals. With the end in mind, you can then pull together relevant data from many sources in one place to produce reliable insights for decision making.

Make Measures and Reports Clinically Meaningful 

Making real progress requires clinician engagement. You need their trust in insights that are relevant, valid, and timely. This helps facilitate evidence-based comparisons that catapult quality improvement efforts.

Leverage Insights to Make Informed Decisions

When you have insights you and others trust, you can identify the best path to quality improvement. You can feel secure in making informed decisions that are rooted in validated, accurate data and high-quality analytics.

Take Data-Driven Action to Improve

Our analytics solutions provide you with precise answers that empower data-driven action. We transform data into evidence and give you real-time access to it so you can:

  • Gain a complete view of performance by integrating and analyzing key data from various sources.
  • Build trust and engage clinicians and care teams with clinically-relevant reports available on-demand.
  • Identify best practice, track adherence to best practice, and know how best practice drives outcomes.
  • Benchmark with confidence using clinically-validated outcome measures adjusted for fair comparisons.
  • Make informed decisions using predictive analytics that enable patient-level decision support at the point of care.

Ready to Achieve Measurable Quality Improvement?

healthcare leaders trust arbormetrix
“There isn’t any question that our partnership with ArborMetrix has been the major driver in getting the collaborative to where we are today.”
Michael Gaies, M.D., M.P.H.
Executive Director, Pediatric Cardiac Critical Care Consortium; Co-Director, Cardiac Networks United
Real-World Quality Improvement
OUR Customers Achieve Results

Real-World Quality Improvement

Cardiac Networks United is working to improve the lives of patients with pediatric and congenital heart disease. They rely on a suite of clinical data registries to identify best practice and improve outcomes. The registries are grounded in scientific best practices and deliver insights that physicians trust. Here are a few of CNU's accomplishments:

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Achieved a 24% reduction in post-surgical mortality in children with congenital heart disease.

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Raised $1.5 million to support large-scale research and quality improvement initiatives.

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United more than two-thirds of all hospitals caring for congenital heart patients in the United States.

What Is Quality Improvement?

Quality improvement is measurable progress toward better patient care and outcomes.

Real-world quality improvement in healthcare delivery benefits everyone - from patients to clinicians, hospitals and payers, and life science organizations.

Achieving quality improvement at scale is made easier with an advanced data registry.

Patient registries collect, organize, and display healthcare information with the purpose of evaluating and improving outcomes. Combined with rigorous analytics, clinical registries can point to areas for improvement, identify best practices, and help you make informed decisions to reach your quality goals.

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