MIPS reporting solutions

ArborMetrix provides comprehensive support for MIPS reporting with all of the requirements for a CMS-approved QCDR and QR. We successfully helped more than 30,000 providers report to CMS via QCDRs last year, and have led several organizations through the QCDR self-nomination process over the past several years.

Providers who participate in a QCDR powered by ArborMetrix drive their own success with quality reporting. They also:

  • Report on the right measures to optimize future CMS reimbursement
  • Spend time delivering care instead of documenting it
  • Know where they stand and what to do to improve
  • Propel clinical performance from good to great

Qualified Clinical Data Registries for MIPS

Our support for MIPS reporting covers all aspects of running a successful QCDR. We can fully customize our platform and QCDR solution to meet your specific needs: You can engage us to fully manage your QCDR, or only for the technical and submission parts of the QCDR-reporting process.

ArborMetrix’s Role

  1. Establish the QCDR: Measure co-development, self-nomination, provider onboarding
  2. Provide complete technical solution: Data acquisition, data analysis, reporting
  3. Engage with CMS: Provider verification, data submission, issue resolution
  4. Provide member support: Training, technical support account administration

Customer’s Role 
Our full-service QCDR solution helps you focus on providing the clinical and specialty-specific expertise needed to make QCDR participation meaningful.


Specialty-specific performance measures

Specialty-specific measures form the backbone of a successful QCDR. ArborMetrix has deep expertise in the design and implementation of clinical analytics for various medical specialties. Our in-house expert clinical data analysts have substantial experience in defining and configuring performance measures, and will work with you to design, review, and update measure definitions.

We also provide expertise to create a standardized data model for each of our clients, based on best practices, which enables them to meet their objectives. We currently maintain more than 6,000 measures for our clients, which are used for quality improvement, guideline development, research, patient satisfaction, government guidelines, performance improvement, and QCDR reporting.


Powerful tools make it easy

The suite of features and customizable reports on our platform make it easy for providers to see how they are performing, identify and implement best practices, and optimize their results for CMS quality reporting. Our platform especially delivers:

  • Clinical relevance, with specialty-specific measures designed to deliver clinically precise, actionable insights
  • Clinical depth, with the ability to drill down to see patient-level details
  • Interactive, real-time reports, available on an intuitive, web-based, HIPAA-compliant interface


Increasing registry value by optimizing QCDR performance measures

Making the right performance measures available through a Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR) can drive registry participation and value.

Learn how to:

  • Meet CMS self-nomination criteria
  • Refine measures to meet high priority and specialty-specific needs
  • Create measures that are easy to report


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