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Clinical data registries and healthcare performance management solutions powered by ArborMetrix produce high quality data and reports suitable for clinical research and industry R&D. Numerous ArborMetrix clients have used data and insights from their registries to publish studies in leading publications such as the New England Journal of Medicine, Annals of Surgery, Anesthesiology, Journal of Urology, the Journal of the American College of Surgeons and several others.

Our solutions enable multi-institutional and provider collaboration on research and quality improvement. Providers can use our platform to advance medicine through critical evaluation of data, identification of evidence-based best practices, and dissemination and sharing of this information across providers and institutions, as well as across the medical community. The ArborMetrix platform makes data readily available for research and other external uses.

  • Provide a flexible and scalable infrastructure to support research, and identify and disseminate evidenced-based practices that advance care
  • Capture large volumes of data from various sources, and easily and quickly aggregate and make sense of the data to be used for research and other purposes
  • Interact with and utilize the data at a deep clinical level, with the ability to create patient cohorts, analyze granular clinical details, and draw correlations within and across diseases
  • Support the sharing, repurposing, and use of actionable data through our robust querying functionality, graphic displays and visualizations of data (reports and dashboards), and intuitive user interface that enables users to easily access, analyze, and export data
  • Deploy advanced analytics, grounded in scientific best practices, ensuring data and reports are trusted and can be used for research, as well as benchmarking, collaborative quality improvement, and regulatory reporting

Our Roots in Research

Our work today has grown out of the groundbreaking research and technical insights of our founders John Birkmeyer, M.D., Justin Dimick, M.D., and Doug Staiger, Ph.D., who are industry-renowned physicians and clinical improvement experts. Their work includes some of the foundational research on and applications of applying an evidenced-based approach to improve healthcare through and medical specialty societies and collaboratives.

Every day, we leverage this background and our collective experience to deliver targeted, clinically-deep insights that keep providers at the center of delivering improved care and advancing research.

Key Part of Achieving Goals

“We are impressed with the ArborMetrix platform and analytics engine in facilitating the development and dissemination of benchmark outcome data. … ArborMetrix’s solution has proved to be a key component for achieving our goals.”

Executive Director, Pediatric Cardiac Critical Care Consortium

Customer results

MBSC: Physicians Publish Major Research Findings

MBSC and its members have published noteworthy research published in the New England Journal of Medicine and the Annals of Surgery, among other leading journals. MBSC has also been featured multiple times in the New York Times.

MBSC has also achieved significant quality and cost improvement:

  • 67% decrease in post-surgical death rates
  • 84% increase in best practice compliance
  • $34.9 million in statewide savings 
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