Clinical data registry solutions

Launching a registry to support quality improvement and reporting is a significant undertaking that requires the right technology and the right approach. ArborMetrix partners with medical specialty societies to deliver powerful registry solutions that address meaningful business challenges, serve strategic priorities, and meet members’ needs now and into the future.

Clinically-rich and purpose-built registry platform

Our highly configurable registry platform can serve many priorities and purposes including quality improvement, CMS quality reporting (QCDR/QR for MIPS), performance benchmarking, research, and patient-reported outcomes.

Partnership and registry services

We provide dedicated partnership, service, and support. In addition to fully supporting your registry, we can also provide services for strategic planning, measure development, marketing, and member engagement.

Deliver a registry with real value

Specialty-specific registries powered by ArborMetrix capture and analyze data that are relevant and clinically appropriate, and support a number of purposes and functions. We make it easy for you and your members to access, analyze and act on practical insights to improve outcomes, and optimize CMS quality reporting.

Accelerate quality improvement

Provider engagement is the key to quality improvement. ArborMetrix registries deliver clinically-rich and relevant information that gets to the level of clinical precision needed to build trust, collaborate, and improve.

You can use our platform to measure all dimensions of performance, identify best practice, and uncover opportunities to improve – all in real-time. You will be able to facilitate a process for continuous improvement at the society, practice and provider levels.

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Propel clinical research

Clinical data registries powered by ArborMetrix produce high quality data and reports suitable for clinical research. Numerous ArborMetrix clients have used data and insights from their registries to publish studies in leading publications such as the New England Journal of Medicine, Annals of Surgery, Anesthesiology, Journal of Urology, the Journal of the American College of Surgeons and several others. The ArborMetrix platform makes data readily available for research and other external uses.

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Support successful CMS quality reporting (QCDR/QR)

ArborMetrix provides comprehensive support for MIPS reporting with all of the requirements for a CMS-approved QCDR and QR. We successfully helped more than 20,000 providers report to CMS via QCDRs in 2016, and led several societies through the QCDR self-nomination process for 2017.

Our support for MIPS reporting covers all aspects of running a successful QCDR. You can engage us to fully manage your QCDR, or only for the technical and submission parts of the QCDR-reporting process. We can tailor our platform and QCDR solution to meet your specific needs.

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Leverage patient feedback

Including patient-reported outcomes in a registry can help inform a more complete picture of quality. Our patient-reported outcomes (PRO) is a multi-modal component designed to engage patients in your population to provide follow-up information from each condition and procedure. ArborMetrix PRO functionality enables patient access via tablet, mobile device, and computer, or even via telephone or postal mail if necessary to maximize response rates.

Measure and benchmark with confidence

Trust is a critical factor in growing provider engagement in performance measurement. Providers trust the information they get from ArborMetrix solutions because of our clinical relevance and meaningful measures, scientifically and rigorously adjusted for fair and accurate comparisons. Our advanced adjustment methods control for differences in patient mix and disease severity, and isolate true variation from statistical noise.

The ArborMetrix platform delivers clinically relevant and timely analytics and reports that have been shown to effectively target ways to improve healthcare quality and efficiency.

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Grow industry partnerships

The data within your registry is one of your most important assets. You can extend this value outside your organization to build partnerships that serve your membership and society. Several ArborMetrix customers enjoy mutually-beneficial relationships with government and industry.

Valuable partnership

“ArborMetrix has been a strong partner with AQI and ASA ... [they] executed on-time and within budget. … They are always looking to the future to see how our partnership can deliver great value.”


How to engage patients and use patient-reported data to enrich your registry

View this webinar to learn:

  • The role patient-reported data and patient engagement can play in achieving registry objectives
  • Strategies for successfully implementing PROs into your registry and related initiatives 
  • Ideas for using patient-reported data for actionable – not just informational – purposes such as clinical decision support
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