The health ecosystem’s ever-evolving needs require a responsive technology platform that eloquently solves for clean, high-quality data ingestion, enrichment, and transformation to reveal practical insights.

Now, at your fingertips, you have clinically rich, real-world evidence (RWE) to measure and improve outcomes and demonstrate safety, effectiveness, and value.

  • Deliver a tailored, engaging, and intuitive experience to your end users.
  • Understand and track your performance with clearly presented views.
  • Explore the information, reports, and records that matter the most to you.

Need a little more? Experience a wider offering that solves with standardized modules:

  • Extend your data to patient-reported outcomes (PRO)
  • Provide advanced reports for even deeper insights
  • Apply data science to calculate and create measures, adjust for risk and reliability, and anticipate what could happen
  • Understand your scores prior to submission and easily be in control of your compliance participation
  • Engage a team of experts to only help with the big stuff as your administrators and users enjoy an easy to navigate suite of self-service solutions