Foster a holistic data view with the collection of patient-reported outcome (PRO) surveys tailored to increase response rates.

Designed with the patient in mind—you’ll acquire high-quality data from patients and empower patients to make meaningful shared decisions. Now you can facilitate access and minimize barriers to participation with surveys that are supported through any web-connected device.

To ensure data quality and that the data is useful for everyone involved we help you do these three things:

  1. Ensure the right methodology: Create surveys in accordance with industry-standard measurement instruments—such as ODI, PROMIS— or clinically relevant topics. Choose from a variety of question-and-answer formats as you design, build and prepare surveys for distribution.
  2. Minimize barriers: Maximize participation with easy-to-use patient consent, multimodal deployment—email, text, and phone follow-up—as well as common EHR-based health system patient portals. In addition, take advantage of the opportunity you have with the ability to share patient-specific educational content within the survey experience.
  3. Streamline and provide consistent workflow: Distribute via pre-authenticated email links on a configurable, automated cadence and to configurable patient populations. In addition, your team can easily share patient summary survey results, trends, and engagement as well as view data at the patient level.