Role-driven, interactive experience to understand massive amounts of data. Now your stakeholders can easily, fluidly, and confidently impact change by organically experiencing every nuance of your data to accelerate improvement specific to their focus.

Ensure stakeholders do not get lost in the minutia of data with tailored reports. Provide a “dive into the data experience” your stakeholders will love. A lens that adjusts specifically to their focus—whether it is at the patient, physician, or site level—either individually or in aggregate—regions, hospitals, physician groups.

Encourage deeper clinical investigation and identify research initiatives. Configure data visualization reports across multiple levels of analysis, including user-defined peer groups and patient cohorts. Easily study more distributions within a single plot or leverage caterpillar plots that employ Bayesian inference to summarize the quantiles of posterior samples and provide an intuitive data view.

Protect anonymity and develop trust in data through blinded views. Fair comparisons and reporting at individual levels through user-defined benchmarking to see progress within:

  • Quality improvement
  • Disease-specific outcomes
  • Operational efficiencies
  • Clinical focus