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Americas Hernia Society Quality Collaborative

Immunosuppression is not a risk factor for 30-day wound events or additional 30-day morbidity or mortality after open ventral hernia repair: An analysis of the Americas Hernia Society Quality Collaborative
Haskins IN, Krpata DM, Prabhu AS, Tastaldi L, Perez AJ, Tu C, Rosenblatt S, Poulose BK, Rosen MJ.
Surgery | July 2018
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Impact of inadvertent enterotomy on short-term outcomes after ventral hernia repair: An AHSQC analysis
Krpata DM, Prabhu AS, Tastaldi L, Huang LC, Rosen MJ, Poulose BK.
Surgery  |  May 2018
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Reducing Early Readmissions after Ventral Hernia Repair with the Americas Hernia Society Quality Collaborative
Poulose BK, Harris DA, Phillips S, Janczyk RJ, Yunis J, Voller GR, Carbonell A, Warren J, Stoikes N, Webb D, Hope WW, Rosen MJ; Americas Hernia Society Quality Collaborative.
Journal of American College of Surgeons | May 2018
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Michigan Bariatric Surgery Collaborative

Assessing variation in technique for sleeve gastrectomy based on outcomes of surgeons ranked by safety and efficacy: a video-based study
Varban OA, Thumma JR, Finks JF, Carlin AM, Kemmeter PR, Ghaferi AA, Dimick JB.
Surgical Endoscopy | August
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Michigan Surgery Quality Collaborative

Complications after discharge predict readmission after colorectal surgery
Albright J, Farwa B, Cleary RK, Mullard AJ, Kreske E, Ferraro J, Regenbogen SE.
Surgical Endoscopy | August 2018
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Evaluation of the Methods Used by Medicare's Hospital-Acquired Condition Reduction Program to Identify Outlier Hospitals for Surgical Site Infection
Morgan DM, Kamdar N, Regenbogen SE, Krapohl G, Swenson C, Pearlman M, Campbell DA Jr, Hendren S.
Journal of American College of Surgeons | June 2018
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Evidence that a Regional Surgical Collaborative Can Transform Care: Surgical Site Infection Prevention Practices for Colectomy in Michigan
Vu JV, Collins SD, Seese E, Hendren S, Englesbe MJ, Campbell DA, Krapohl GL.
Journal of American College of Surgeons | January 2018
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Improving adherence to recommended venous thromboembolic prophylaxis in abdominal and pelvic oncologic surgery
Zipple M, Itenberg E.
Surgery | July 2018
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Michigan Spine Surgery Improvement Collaborative

Risk Factors Associated With 90-Day Readmissions After Degenerative Lumbar Fusion: An Examination of the Michigan Spine Surgery Improvement Collaborative (MSSIC) Registry
Park P, Nerenz DR, Aleem IS, Schultz LR, Bazydlo M, Xiao S, Zakaria HM, Schwalb JM, Abdulhak MM, Oppenlander ME, Chang VW.
Neurosurgery | August 2018
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Michigan Urological Surgery Improvement Collaborative

Association Between Early Confirmatory Testing and the Adoption of Active Surveillance for Men With Favorable-risk Prostate Cancer
Kaye DR, Qi J, Morgan TM, Linsell S, Lane BR, Montie JE, Cher ML, Miller DC; Michigan Urological Surgery Improvement Collaborative.
Urology | August 2018
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Evaluation of a needle disinfectant technique to reduce infection-related hospitalisation after transrectal prostate biopsy
Auffenberg GB, Qi J, Gao Y, Miller DC, Ye Z, Brachulis A, Linsell S, Gandhi TN, Kraklau D, Montie JE, Ghani KR; Michigan Urological Surgery Improvement Collaborative.
BJU International | February 2018
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Pediatric Cardiac Critical Care Consortium

Characteristics, Risk Factors, and Outcomes of Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation Use in Pediatric Cardiac ICUs: A Report From the Pediatric Cardiac Critical Care Consortium Registry
Brunetti MA, Gaynor JW, Retzloff LB, Lehrich JL, Banerjee M, Amula V, Bailly D, Klugman D, Koch J, Lasa J, Pasquali SK, Gaies M.
Pediatric Critical Care Medicine | June 2018
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Optimizing patient care and outcomes through the congenital heart center of the 21st century
Anderson JB, Chowdhury D, Connor JA, Daniels CJ, Fleishman CE, Gaies M, Jacobs J, Kugler J, Madsen N, Beekman RH, Lihn S, Stewart-Huey K, Vincent R, Campbell R.
Congenital Heart Disease | March 2018
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The Epidemiology of Healthcare-associated Infections in Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care Units
Alten JA, Rahman AKMF, Zaccagni HJ, Shin A, Cooper DS, Blinder JJ, Retzloff L, Aban IB, Graham EM, Zampi J, Domnina Y, Gaies MG.
Pediatric Infectous Disease Journal | August 2018
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