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More than 400 hospitals across California will have the opportunity to accelerate quality improvement across the state. California’s Hospital Quality Institute (HQI), a national leader in addressing quality improvement issues to improve care, has initiated its Hospital Quality Intelligence Initiative (HQI2)HQI2, which is powered by ArborMetrix, aims to be a one-stop source for all California hospitals to obtain timely, actionable intelligence to drive their quality improvement efforts.

“The vision of the Hospital Quality Intelligence Initiative is now becoming a reality,” said Julie Morath, President, HQI. “With the HQI2 first pilot phase, we will transform data into intelligence in ways we have never done before. The ability of the platform to identify opportunities for improvement, while providing significant clinical depth and improving the timeliness of data, will be a catalyst for achieving statewide progress.”

HQI2 brings together disparate data sources and integrates them a single statewide quality improvement platform. It aims to help hospitals across California get more out of their existing data and drive informed action to improve care. The HQI2 platform provides hospitals and health systems with access to reports and benchmarking tools that will fuel improvement using data that is timely, clinically relevant, standardized, and valuable in advancing care.

Reports within the HQI2 platform show hospital performance over time and provide hospitals with meaningful peer comparisons across the state, by region, and by hospital size, for standardized measures that matter for improving care delivery. By participating in the initiative, hospitals can dig into their opportunities for improvement and reveal valuable actions they can take to make progress.

The cloud-based platform provides access to risk-adjusted episode quality measures for common acute conditions most affected by hospital quality initiatives, and delivers insights into hospital-acquired conditions, patient safety indicators, and inpatient quality indicators. It also allows easy drill-down capability in order to determine the underlying drivers of variation and will provide direct access to comparative data.

“ArborMetrix has already proven to be a valuable strategic partner for HQI. Our Hospital Quality Intelligence Initiative will benefit from ArborMetrix’s easy-to-use comparative quality platform that has been shown to support rapid-cycle improvements.”

President, Hospital Quality Institute


About Hospital Quality Institute

The Hospital Quality Institute (HQI) was established in April 2013 to realize statewide impact of improving patient safety and quality care for all Californians, to accelerate the rate of improvement, and to advance California as a national leader in quality performance. HQI is the 2017 recipient of the Dick Davidson Quality Milestone Award for Allied Association Leadership.

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