PC4: Children's hospitals gain insights to advance care

PC4logo-01.pngThe Pediatric Cardiac Critical Care Consortium (PC4) aims to improve the quality of care for patients with critical pediatric and congenital cardiovascular disease in North America and abroad. It is a unique collaborative of leaders in pediatric cardiac critical care, cardiac surgery, and cardiology who represent a diverse group of centers caring for these vulnerable patients.

The core pillars of collaborative quality improvement serve as the foundation for PC4: purposeful collection of specific clinical data on outcomes and practice, timely performance feedback to clinicians, and continuous improvement based on empirical analysis and collaborative learning. Members include more than 30 of the most prestigious children’s hospitals across North America.

ArborMetrix’s tailored registry solution for PC4 deploys rigorous analytics, grounded in scientific best practices, which results in credible and valid data that builds the physician trust and engagement needed for collaborative quality improvement. PC4 provides participating hospitals with:

  • 24/7 access to real-time, reliable, and actionable data to be used for local quality improvement
  • Risk- and reliability-adjusted comparative analyses on quality metrics selected by the consortium
  • Innovative and sophisticated informatics platforms that integrate with other registry projects in pediatric cardiac care
  • Access to unblinded center data to facilitate identification of top performing hospitals and stimulate collaboration between sites to improve patient outcomes

PC4 results achieved

PC4 and its members have collectively achieved outstanding results and greatly enhanced care for their patients. A few highlights include:

  • Multiple abstracts presented at top international meetings including the American Heart Association Scientific Sessions, American College of Cardiology Scientific Session, and the Society of Critical Care Medicine Congress, and the World Congress of Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery
  • Numerous publications in leading peer-reviewed journals, such as Pediatric Critical Care Medicine, Annals of Thoracic Surgery, and the Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery
  • 480% growth in registry participation from 2013 to 2017
  • NIH and CTSA program funding

Learn more about PC4 at pc4quality.org.

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What our customers say

“We are impressed with the ArborMetrix platform and analytics engine in facilitating the development and dissemination of benchmark outcome data. … Our hospitals are using the real-time data platform to assess their performance and enact quality initiatives aimed at improving clinical outcomes and resource utilization. ArborMetrix’s solution has proved to be a key component for achieving our goals.”

Executive Director, Pediatric Cardiac Critical Care Consortium

About PC4

The Pediatric Cardiac Critical Care Consortium (PC⁴) aims to improve the quality of care to patients with critical pediatric and congenital cardiovascular disease in North America and abroad.

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