Theresa Hu

Manager, Data Science

As the Data Science Team Leader at ArborMetrix, Theresa oversees the data science team. She has experience working in a variety of roles, including data analyst and data scientist. In her most recent position as team leader for the data science department, she oversees a group of six data scientists who design and implement statistical and machine learning models, such as risk and reliability adjustment, as well as advanced analytics strategies and solutions that are suited to the needs of the customer. She oversees the creation of the “Measure2.0” core data science platform for measure development.

Theresa has more than six years of experience working for ArborMetrix in the healthcare sector. Throughout her career, she has collaborated with different teams to create a standardized measure template in a single location, considerably reducing measuring errors and the time needed for measure communication. In addition, she has created effective and reusable SQL code to provide real-time performance measures on analytical online apps with the aim of transforming data into insights that enhance clinical outcome and quality of treatment.

Theresa has also worked with the Product and Engineering team to develop a yearly product roadmap for the core data solution ‘Measure 2.0’, an internal Python package that provided a python-yaml interactive framework for writing, developing, documenting, and maintaining measures to feed web applications. She holds a Applied Mathematics & Economics from The University of California, Berkeley, and an M.S in Statistics from Columbia University.